We're seeking tiny production,
Napa Valley-based wineries
to join our Collective Tasting Room

For more information, email us

What we offer

Prime location on First Street in downtown Napa

Staffed by experienced, wine professionals

Collaborative, welcoming vibe

Beautifully renovated space

DTC focused

Competitive market rates include a service fee plus sales commission

Economies of scale through collective marketing


Our Model

Each of our micro-production vintners bring their own POV to wine making and the business of wine. Those unique stories are what sell their wines. With multiple grape varietals, wines from throughout the NV and beyond, as well as hard-to-find, tiny production wines, we can promote a spirit of collaboration and comparison amongst the different wineries.

Additional wineries must complement our existing partners with their wine styles and be willing to participate at the tasting room from time to time.