Mia Carta was borne out of a desire to create a welcoming destination in downtown Napa providing our visitors and our neighbors with access to a collection of Napa’s premium micro-production wines.

Our space offers a comfortable, welcoming vibe with innovative design and the use of relevant, sustainable new construction technologies. Mia Carta is on the ground floor of the Native Sons of the Golden West building at 1209 First Street Napa. Built in 1914, we have embraced the storied history of the building, reinvigorating it with modern Napa-centric design with natural, authentic finishings, including cork, concrete, wood, stamped metal and brick.

We have also carefully applied technology to enhance guest experience and safety. Our interior air passes through both a HEPA filtration unit and a UV sanitizer ensuring an immaculate, safe environment for our guest to enjoy. We have carefully tuned the acoustics of the space to ensure easy conversation. Our Crysalli water system allows us to sustainably provide both still and sparkling water, minimizing waste with reusable bottles. 

Our vintners all have deep personal roots in the Napa area and are proud of the contributions they and their families have made to the community and to the wine industry here. They join us frequently in the tasting room in person to share their wines and their experiences with our guests.